My First Book!

My first book “Midwife of Normandy” is now available as a Kindle eBook.

It will soon be available in paperback!

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6 Responses to My First Book!

  1. Perry K says:

    A great book!


  2. A. Stang says:

    Genuinely enjoyed your book. Hope you continue writing.


  3. Thanks for your comment. Yes, another book is in the works.


  4. Janet says:

    You should warn your readers that once they start reading the book, they won’t be able to put it down!! It is what my friend calls a “page turner.” I started reading it last week when I wasn’t feeling well and read abut 60% of the book in one day. Now I am waiting until I have a big block of time so I can read the remaining 40%…nonstop!


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