Valentine’s Day Came Early this year

Valentine’s Day came early for me this year, and I am bursting at the seams to share my exciting news.

Midwife of Normandy was downloaded 2400 times within a five day promotion, and it received 4 new customer reviews from fans who read the entire book in one sitting because they “could not put it down.”

It also rose to #1 bestseller in 4 different categories in the Kindle store. (I had to take a “screen shot” to prove I wasn’t dreaming.)

On a separate note, Midwife of Normandy was named a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards contest for 2018.  Quite an honor.

The most heart-warming gift for me as an author is to know that the book I worked so hard to write and publish, is being read and enjoyed by others. I know some readers are reluctant to write a customer review on Amazon or Goodreads because they don’t wish their name to appear. The good news is that you can post your review with initials or a pseudonym, if you want to remain anonymous.  So please write a customer review, if you haven’t done so yet.


A special thanks to fans who shared news of the promotion on Facebook.  You were all a big help in getting out the word. I hope you all get big boxes of candy or bouquets of flowers on Valentine’s day.

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